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Standard Sweep

On arrival to your property Tom will firstly check your chimney stack and pot for any signs of instability or damage also checking you have the correct cowl/bird guard fitted to standards suitable for burning solid fuels.

On entering your property Tom will have respect for the cleanliness of your home making sure necessary dust sheets are laid down and that he has shoe coverings on.

The next stage will be to do a visual check of the chimney flue from ground level and confirming with you that you have no concerns other than needing the chimney swept. Once this check has been done Tom will start by covering the entrance point where he will insert the necessary sized brush and start the sweeping process using his vacuum and wearing the required personal protection equipment.

Once sweeping has been completed and Tom is happy with the cleanliness of your chimney he will do a smoke draw test using a smoke pellet to confirm that all harmful gasses only go up and out of the very top of your chimney.

Nest Removal

If you know you have a bird nesting in your chimney and wish for the nest to be removed please take into account that it is illegal for Tom to remove or disturb a bird's nest from chimneys during the nesting period. The nesting period runs from March 1st until August 31st. There is a fine of up to £5,000, so Tom would not attempt to remove or disturb any nest until he is happy that any nesting birds and babies have fledged, there are also certain species protected outside these dates which may extend the period of which Tom can clear and sweep your chimney.

Once the nest is empty Tom will happily remove the nest material using a nest hook to pull the material down the chimney and then take it away, followed by checking, with his CCTV camera, that all material is removed and then doing a standard sweep ready for you to use your fire as normal.

Stove Maintenance

Maintenance of your wood burning stove includes;
- Replacement of any sealing ropes around doors or glass which have frayed or unstuck and are no longer sealing properly.
- Replacement of broken door glass or fire bricks inside the stove that are cracked or incomplete.
- General cleaning making your stove look as good as the day it was fitted.

Prices do vary depending on the price of glass, fire bricks and the amount of rope needing to be replaced, so Tom will quote you once he’s viewed your wood burning stove.

Items for sale carried on Tom's Van

Tom carries a few items on his van which might be useful for everyday use including, boxes of Bertie's Kiln Dried Logs, Kindling, Fire Lighters and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
If any of this interests you, Tom can supply on the day he comes over to sweep your chimney. If you require a price please don't hesitate to phone or email Tom.

Other Services

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